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Beyond Organic Terrain Sacred Herbs

What are Beyond Organic Terrain Sacred Herbs?

Terrain Turmeric PLUS Terrain Holy Basil ALL IN ONE
How Jordan found Terrain Sacred Herbs:

Last year, his family, and a team of people (including Dr. Pete Sulack Chiropractor/Evangelist), went to India to spread the gospel message, visit children's homes, and see what God had for them.  While there Jordan had it confirmed that there was more to bring to America regarding people's level of health. He received his vision for 7 amazing product concepts: among them is Terrain Living Herbals.

Your most important aspect of health is
your internal environment
(not what you come in contact with externally).
In the 1850's, scientist, Bechamp called it your internal enfermal.  He believed if your internal system/gut /lymphatic system was functioning properly, you were impenetrable (a fortress). It was not the germ that caused the disease, but rather your internal terrain that made you strong.
Order Terrain Sacred Herbs 3 pack Here 
$99.00 for Preferred Customers
3 month supply if take 1 TBSP per day
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Terrain infuses 2 of the most powerful compounds used in India. Turmeric and Holy Basil
PLUS it includes:
  • probiotics
  • enzymes
  • organic acids
  • powerful compounds
Beyond Organic is infusing these amazing nutrients (listed above) into 2 of the most powerful herbs in one of the largest nations in the world - India

"I believe Terrain Sacred Herbs is one of the most important products/ formulas/ beverages you can consume on an everyday basis." - Jordan Rubin

2 Powerful Botanicals:
  1. Turmeric - yellow spice
  2. Holy Basil = looks like a sage, known to be one of the most powerful foods in all of Indian Ayurveda (Ayurveda / Ayurvedic Medicine = India's natural healthcare)

Read The Benefits of Turmeric and The Benefits of Holy Basil

One's a spice/root and one is a leaf.
They share common benefits and also have synergistic benefits.
Jordan says, "These 2 botanicals fit together like hand and glove."
On top of that they are infused with enzymes, probiotics, etc.

Sacred Herbs is Jordan's go to protocol for everyone.  All can benefit from these herbs.

Currently Beyond Organic sales reveal these Terrains are selling well:
  • Turmeric
  • Milk Thistle
  • Holy Basil on it's own is doing very well

Talked about by Marco Polo 1300 AD who mistaked Turmeric for Saffron.  It began to be used as a substitute for a popular saffron herb many years.

Turmeric is selling great. (Therefore, it may be in short supply for orders coming up.)

It takes 2-4 months to produce Terrain Sacred Herbs.
From fresh spice to Terrain finished product - takes 2-4 months.
Like everything in Beyond Organic, this is a slow process.
Be sure to order yours ASAP. Order Terrain Sacred Herbs Here.
(If you are not yet a Preferred Customer, I recommend you enroll here as a Beyond Organic Preferred Customer for only $19.95/year. It will save you 20% on all your orders.)
This is steeped in ancient wisdom - dating thousands of years back.

To get 24 hour protection for your health:

Consume 15-30ml Terrain Sacred Herbs when you wake up.
They provide shot cup to measure.
Recommended to mix with Reign Supreme Water.
This will get your super highway going - your bowels, etc.

Also take 15-30ml before meals.
You are readying your body for digestion and
deter your body from craving sweets.

Finish the day with 15-30ml before bedtime.
Your body will continue to cleanse through the night

3 - 24oz servings of pure water with 15-60ml of Terrain mixed in.  This is what Jordan Rubin consumed today during the day.  He is following the Maker's Diet Revolution and practicing daily cleansing - therefore, only eating certain times a day. 

Beyond Organic always starts with over 200mg of the herb in predigested form + 200mg of organic acids (gluconic, acidic, susinic acids).

Jordan did a Terrain cleanse. He's still alive. :)

Terrain are shelf-stable. They are living. You may see stringy, or cloudy substances (amazing for your health - "like getting the prize in the cracker jack... sort of"). 

Each bottle of Terrain contains 30 T of the particular fermented botanical.

15-30ml  5 x a day - could last you 5-10 days.
If you use 1 T of Terrain a day, one bottle of Terrain will last you 30 days.

You can mix the Terrains together. Recommended in advance useage protocols.
  • Echinacea & Oregano
  • Turmeric & Ginger
  • Holy Basil & Peppermint (& Turmeric)
  • Milk Thistle & Echinacea - great for liver & kidney
Jordan likes to consume 1 flavor a day. The different ones are described as:
  • Sweet & Cooling
  • Warm & Pungeant
  • Energizing
  • Mellowing
"Have fun with it. Love your terrain. Transform your Terrain. Transform your health with it."

To support healthy blood pressure levels/Support healthy cardiovascular function:  nothing better than 3 day SueroCleanse.
High Potassium, Get Sodium out of body - cultured whey
See 16 page Suero Cleanse booklet here.

Maker's Diet Revolution Includes:

Amasai Awakening Concept - God showed Jordan this idea
Our cultured dairy combined with Sacred Herbs
When you mix them, the Amasai engulfs the compounds in the herbs = extraordinary
For Awakened Health - try this!

Detox Symptoms vs Sensitivity / Reaction - there is no difference
Cold/Flu - embrace it b/c body is detoxing when you were unwilling to do it yourself
Some people can begin to feel worse before they feel better
You may introduce these foods into your body and feel nauseous, etc.
If Terrain tastes sour, makes you feel nauseous... it indicates you really need it.
Yes, when you upgrade your health and introduce powerful botanicals (ie. milk thistle), probiotics, etc... you can absolutely experience detox symptoms.

What Jordan Rubin feeds his kids:
  • EA LIVE nuts & seeds
  • Raw Cheddar Bites - great for school lunches
  • Soft Tacos - beef & cheddar sausage, ground beef - put on salad or on sprouted tortillas
  • Nuvino Grape Super Soda
  • SueroViv during baseball practice
  • Biltong - after school snack

"The only reason you have Beyond Organic is because they've been trying to get these foods in our kid's diets for quite some time." - Jordan Rubin

"Beyond Organic is making it easier to raise Beyond Organic Kids." - Jason Dewberry

EA LIVE Granola - great for snack, breakfast, great with Amasai (green granola, amasai, banana)

Jordan Rubin's New Smoothie / Pudding Recipe -
his son eats for breakfast, freezes the rest for an afternoon snack: 
  • Raw Pasteured Eggs  2-3 organic
  • Plain Amasai 6-8oz
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Raw Honey
  • 1/2 Hass Sm Avocado
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1tsp-1T raw cacao
  • 1 T coconut oil
  • 1 T almond butter
  • 1 T sprouted seven

Cultured Whey AKA "Old Man's Drink"

Great for Inflammation:  Plant & Animal Based Omega 3's
  • Terrain Sacred Herbs
  • Plain Amasai
  • SueroGold
  • EA LIVE sprouted 7, crackers
  • Ginger Super Soda

Jordan Rubin's top 3 foods to get out of your diet:
1. detestible animal things: pork & shellfish
don't eat anything God or Jesus cast demons into
2. artificial sweeteners (pink & blue & yellow)
3. hydrogenated oils, trans fatty acids  - most damaging substances in your diet

Jordan Rubin's top 3 to get in: Jordan is a fan of good FATS -
  1. cultured dairy Amasai
  2. seeds (Chia, Flax, Hemp, Blonde/Black Sesame, Pumpkin, Sunflower)
  3. avocados
Others he really likes: coconut, fatty fish,...

Fried Potato Chips (worse than sodas)- can contain acrylamide and carbs/sugars bonded....causes aging

Kale is better than Spinach (oxylate kidney stones)
Honey (raw, unheated, only predigested food) is better than Stevia

Please contact us to request a free 30 minute audio file
with more information and training about Terrain and its benefits and uses.

You can order your Beyond Organic Terrain Herbals here.
For more information about how to enroll with Beyond Organic,
Contact us for more information or if you have any questions.

To your health,

Scott & Rachelle Rankin :)
Your Independent Beyond Organic Mission Marketers

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, all for Your Health

Source: Tuesday Night Call Notes 2-26-2013
These are unedited notes taken from the Tuesday Night Live Call 2-26-2013.