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Terrain Milk Thistle Benefits: Beyond Organic

Dr. Josh Axe talks about Terrain Milk Thistle Benefits.

This is the most exciting product line.
One single bottle of Terrain has so many different essential nutrients that we are missing in our Standard American Diet.

Digestion is lacking.
You are what you digest.
If our digestive tracks are not healthy - we are not able to digest and absorb these nutrients daily consumed.

15 strains
organic acids - the unsung heroes without recognition
-lowering cholesterol, boosting metabolism
(3 in this Terrain product line)

3 Terrain's Dr Josh Favors
Holy Basil
Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle:
adaptagen = herbs that help your body deal with stress and help you naturally balance out cortisol levels  (air pollution, cell phone radiation, stress...etc.)
Toxicity is a major reason Americans cannot lose weight and hormones are out of balance.

The elixir of anti-aging = Holy Basil in India
helping to lower cortisol levels
naturally boost glutithione (naturally helps fight toxicity)

Testimonies of energy improvement after a few weeks of Terrain

Jordan Rubin
Today organic is synonymous with healthy.
People think of a food grown without .... the cides.
However, organic acids are the least talked about compounds in our food today.
They are available in lots of places.
But organic acids created with symbiotic (aerobic and anarobic)... through fermentation create organic acids.

ie. lactose... galactose.... lactic acid... acedic...gluconate... succenic....
those acids help lower pH of colon

Your colon needs to be slightly acidic to keep the proper microbial balance alive.
Probiotics help but taking them in an isolated form and expecting them to get your gut straight is like trying to put out a forest fire with a squirt gun.

They go into your digestive tract in tact and create a friendly environment due to probiotic growth.

The only fermented foods we typically consume - made by cheating... pickles with vinegar, saurkraut that is heated.

Digestion, Immune System Health

The herb is the botanical with a cherry on top.

They have seen THOUSANDS of nutritional supplements.
This takes 3-4 months to ferment - completely breaking down all the starter cultures, breaking down the herbs, bonding the compounds to the sugars....

ie. milk thistle contains liver supporting compound called ...silverin
turmeric contains immune system support... tetra hydro curcinoids?

The bio Xpress process is not breaking down - it's synergizing the benefits.

The results don't start right away, they don't stop in a week, they build like a creshendo.

Terrain Living Herbals will be a breakthru in the lives of those listening.
There is nothing that is or has ever been available like Terrain.

The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts - the synergy.
Not like modern day supplementation which is about isolation.
Terrain delivers all contained in whole form in a way the body can recognize.

Dr. Josh Axe - Why Liver Function is so important.
He is looking at the research.
Your liver is responsible for your body's detox from heavy metals, radiation, enviromental poison or toxin, even prescription medication that affects your liver, .....

Milk Thistle shown to detox your liver but with that help detox your body from alcohol, prescription meds (like statin drugs, psychotropic drugs like anti-anxiety or anti-depressent meds which damage the liver)...
shown to help REBUILD liver
detox of heavy metals, pesticides, air pollution

2 main causes of disease:

Toxicity can cause cancer... lack of weight loss.

Google #1 detoxifying herb - you'll see milk thistle.

The difference with the Terrain Milk Thistle - fermented after it's been cold pressed for 3-4 months straight - we are unlocking the nutrients there and creating new compounds that have not been there before.

Terrain Unlocks the Power in the Milk Thistle Herb

"I cannot imagine a more powerful herb today than what we have with the Terrain Milk Thistle." Dr Josh Axe

Milk Thistle can detox body after chemotherapy - study in very prestigious medical journal
helped rebuild the liver and cells

DANIEL DIET Testimonies:

Dr. Josh Axe lost 14 pounds with Daniel Diet - spiritual closeness to God was biggest result he saw. Realized it's so easy to revolve our day around food. Relationship breakthru's together with his wife.

weight loss
skin better

natural benefit = avoiding stimulants, caffeine, sweeteners, salt
supernatural benefits = 1200-1500 calories day and losing 8-18 lbs

1lb=3500 calories or energy units
you should lose 3/4 lb and 1.3 lbs (if you cut 300-500 calories a day for 10 days)
Jordan lost 19 lbs.... others down to 8 lbs. He has gained back 6 lbs following his routine and maintained an incredible level of health.

  • #1 Benefit is Accountability
  • Praying 3 x's day
  • orienting your calendar to God
  • 90 Superfoods consumed in 2 days
  • Sprouted Nuts & Seeds - 11 total + coconut
  • Fruits & Mango - mango, apricot, etc.
  • Veggies - chives, onions, garlic
  • 13 Botanicals

 Jordan personally guarantees someone will tell you, "You look amazing!"

Exercise on the Daniel Fast/Diet.
Don't do something high intensity.
20 minutes work out lighter and do stretching.
Dr. Josh Axe tries to sweat every day - aids in detoxification.

What's so great about Daniel Diet
1. Fiber
2. Antioxidants
3. Omega 3, 6, Sat Fat, & Omega 9 fats balance
4. no salt - clean body
5. reign supreme pulls unhealthy elements out of body
6. avoiding gluten and other toxins helpful too

What Dr. Axe does when going off a cleanse:
Smoothies (berry, amasai, coconut milk) & Vegetable Soups (hearty with good broth)

Why Reign Water? (Jordan Rubin)
  • Purity
  • Energy
  • Memory - absence of memory
  • this pure, energized water does not overly remove elements from your body but because of the purity, it pulls out compounds and metals.
  • This is the most unique water he has ever seen... pure mt spring water energized and great aid to help eliminate toxins.
  • Makes a big difference in your overall health (having 7-8 bottles)

Terrain Milk Thistle is Dr. Josh's wish list on deserted island.
Jordan would choose Plain Amasai most perfectly balanced food/beverage with healthy protein, fats, etc.

Teasers of what's coming out:
EA LIVE to the next level - snacks, foods
  • Slightly Salted Nuts & Seeds - sprouted organic almonds, heirloom pecans, cashews
  • raw chocolate with extra virgin coconut oil - almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts
  • never before has this been consumed in American Cuisine - created V Protein - unique protein from greenfed cattle with unique genetic compound with no beta casein A1.... created first raw milk infused crackers and food bars (Cheese Z Crackers and Raw Z Bars.. pizza crackers, salted caramel bars) - super nutritious - never happened in history; 6 flavors of crackers and bars - so handy

    Raw Food Chefs - Deb and Pete
1 g net carbs in crackers
6+ g fiber in each bar
First Time in History that Raw Dairy Z Protein has been available in a food nationwide! (not back ally co-ops)

Illegal to sell, soon to be illegal to buy... but Beyond Organic has found a way to do it legally with their processes.

Jordan believes they are game changing and life changing products.

Each new EA LIVE food are infused with Terrain Living Herbals (enzymes, CLA, omega 3's)

The Lord told him on his trip to India about these new products that would change lives (1 per night):
1. Terrain
2. Daniel Diet
3. EA LIVE products new

There is something special about these - REAL FOOD ENTHUSIASTS are going to go absolutely nuts, or absolutely seeds, over these new products.! - Jordan

STAY 3 and EAT FREE Program - Dr. Josh Axe
When they find out they are getting back $100 in free food.
Big health food stores have never given customers back that much food.
Let everybody know early on they are getting back free food just by ordering 3 months in a row. Great incentive to engage people in autoship!  March 2013 is the first month this has started.
Setting it and forgetting it.
Try new products, eat and live organic for free.
Not known of any other place that just by being a loyal customer you get that much reward.

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